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2023 wedding videographer of the year finalist – capturing your special day, one frame at a time.

Hey! I’m Wayne, a UK-based professional wedding videographer. I specialize in crafting cinematic wedding films that capture every moment of your special day. With numerous 5-star reviews and as a finalist in The Wedding Industry Awards 2023, I’m dedicated to creating your dream wedding video.

From pre-ceremony preparations to the reception, I offer exceptional service. My cinematic approach tells a unique and emotional story. Contact me today to discuss how I can help create a cherished wedding video.

Fly on the wall looking in approach
My approach to wedding videography is rooted in the art of subtlety. By seamlessly blending into the background, I create an atmosphere of ease, allowing you and your guests to behave naturally. This unobtrusive style is the key to capturing the true essence of your day – the genuine laughter, heartfelt tears, and intimate exchanges that define your love story.

I firmly believe that the most compelling wedding videos are the ones that reflect these authentic moments shared between the couple and their closest friends and family. With this philosophy, I strive to ensure that your wedding film encapsulates not just the events, but the emotions that make your day truly unique.

See examples of my films below, or get in touch with me using the contact form on this page.

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