Beatrice Von Tresckow Designs

Based in Cheltenham

01242 226827

About Beatrice Von Tresckow

Beatrice von Tresckow specialise in ‘standing out from the crowd.’

“A feast for the eyes”
Sumptuous, elegant, opulent and glamorous are the first words to spring to mind at the sight of a Beatrice von Tresckow garment. Beatrice has drawn from her exotic upbringing in Afghanistan, Africa and India then fused flair, talent and years of design experience to create a look that is truly unique.

Colourful silks and sumptuous velvets enriched with hand-finished beading and embroidery await you in their Cheltenham and London stores. They also offer a bespoke garment service where, together with you, they can design and create something truly unique for your special day whether you’re the bride or guest.

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