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Celebrate your love in your own unique way!

With a celebrant-led ceremony, you are not restricted to where and when you can get married or what elements you can include. Many couples consider the ceremony the boring bit as they are unaware of all the options available to them.

You’re free to create the wedding ceremony you dream of. It doesn’t have to take place only at licensed venues; it can be on a beach, in a woodland, in your home, garden, or wherever your imagination takes you. You are also not restricted by a particular script, set structure or time limit, this is your day, and it’s my role to listen to you and guide you if you would like so that you can have a ceremony that you’re excited about that you and your guests will enjoy.

Celebrant-led ceremonies are not legally binding in England and Wales; we are working hard to change this. Therefore, couples arrange to attend the registry office on a weekday with just two witnesses. This then gives you complete freedom to have a ceremony tailored to you without strict rules placed upon you.

It is quick and inexpensive to do. You can participate in your everyday clothes, and there is no legal requirement to exchange rings or vows; you can save all of this fun part until your actual wedding day.

Find out more about what I can offer you, get in touch with me today using the contact form on this page.

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