Taco Bella

Based in Gloucestershire


About Taco Bella

Taco Catering In Gloucestershire & The Cotswolds

After lots of research and eating lots of delicious Mexican fine food, we have finally launched our little brand “Taco Bella”. We’ve used our friends as taco guinea pigs, and have had an overwhelming amount of support and encouragement along the way.

The demand so far for Taco Bella for weddings, festivals and parties has been truly epic so far!! For us, Mexican food is three things: simple, fresh, and bursting with flavour. Our ever-changing menu includes classic soft-shell corn tortillas (on taco weeks), burritos, Mexican rice, slow-cooked meat and veg options, fresh salads and homemade salsas.

All our meat is locally sourced from Cotswold Farms, and the majority of our menus are entirely Gluten Free! We also use Zero Plastic in our packaging. Taco Bella’s founding philosophy is to provide high quality traditional Mexican food at an affordable price. We believe in local and responsible food sourcing, especially when it comes to meat and fresh produce, and aim to completely eliminate plastic waste by avoiding single-use plastics.

Here at Taco Bella, we are passionate about our food and about sharing it with anyone with taste buds!


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