Top 10 wedding trends for 2022

There’s a buzz around being able to celebrate again without having to jump through a long list of ever-changing government hoops (and the endless chat around how to plan, postpone, or survive a wedding during Covid). 

However, the silver lining of the past couple of year’s disruption has been how it has accelerated a mass shift in perspective. Couples have had time to reflect on what is most important to them and why they are getting married in the first place.

As a result, there will be an increase in more personal and meaningful weddings. Couples are making up their own traditions, discarding those that are no longer meaningful, and eating, drinking, and dressing however they want.

It has aided couples in reimagining how we celebrate love and how unique that looks for each person, and it is this way of thinking that has influenced some of the wedding trends for 2022.

Vintage Rings

Still on the lookout for the perfect ring? As couples become more sentimental about the style of their parents’ and grandparents’ eras and look for more sustainable ring options, heirloom rings and vintage-inspired designs will be at the top of everyone’s wish list in 2022. 

Vintage and vintage-look engagement rings, with their old European cuts and vibrant gemstones, are timeless in their beauty, and we adore the idea of tying old and new love stories together through jewelry.

 Fairytale Lighting 

Photo credit: Matthew Buchanan

The way you light your wedding reception’s indoor and outdoor spaces set the tone and mood for the entire evening, so it’s no surprise that fairytale lighting made our list of the top wedding trends for 2022. Exposed bulbs, festoon and string light installations, mix-and-match vintage chandeliers, and classic fairy lights are among the dreamy, unique, and statement lighting options we see in 2022, all of which create a magical, movie-worthy yet cosy vibe.

Garden Weddings

Over the last two years, couples have been flocking to romantic back-garden weddings and venues with enchanted gardens, taking advantage of the magic (and increased safety!) of gorgeous, greenery-filled outdoor spaces.

While back-garden weddings require more planning and are limited to the warmer months, they also allow you to host your wedding day in a very special location that serves as a completely unique venue for your guests, have more control over the look and feel of the day, and (depending on your neighbors!) party as long as you want!

These real outdoor wedding  shots by Tanya Flannagan Photography (seen above) really capture the beauty of getting out in the garden for at least part of your special day.

Virtual Invitations

Image credit: Vecteezy

With so many couples changing their wedding dates in 2020 and 2021, virtual wedding invitations grew popular as stationers and graphic designers transformed digital invites into stunning new designs!

We love the idea of virtual save-the-dates followed by a physical invitation that guests can display on your mantlepiece until the big day arrives. Virtual wedding invitations are ideal for modern, tech-savvy couples because they can accommodate last-minute changes and can be more cost-effective and sustainable compared to traditional printed wedding stationery.

Top tip: Remember to print copies for any guests who may not have access to the digital versions.

Hand Painted Décor

We’re seeing an increase in delicate, hand-painted wedding details across the board, including dresses, stationery, cakes, and even decor items like candles, ribbons, and napkins. Hand-painted décor details create a bespoke feel that your guests are sure to love for couples who want to incorporate personalised and artistic elements into their soirée.

Short-sleeved Wedding Dresses

Photo credit: Maria Orlova

Covid-19 has forever changed the format of weddings with elopements, two-part weddings, micro weddings, and casual-chic civil ceremonies.

One significant benefit is the ability to create multiple bridal looks, which, as you can imagine, we are all for! Short wedding gowns, also known as the “little white dress,” were extremely popular in the 1960s and throughout the decades at intimate civil ceremonies and small weddings.

We expect to see more short bridal hemlines than ever before at multi-part weddings, rescheduled evening receptions, and intimate celebrations in 2022. What’s the best part? A short-sleeved dress is so versatile that you can wear it long after the wedding is over!

Bold Colours

Photo credit: Jamie Coupaud

Color palettes that are muted and pastel-filled have been popular for a few years, so we’re thrilled to welcome bold splashes of color to the party! This one has to be one of our favorite 2022 wedding decor trends, with warm, earthy tones, vibrant color-block palettes, monochrome with striking flashes of color, and eccentric, color-clashing combinations.

Do you have any ideas where this trend will lead us in the next 12 months? The top colors for Spring and Summer 2022, according to Pantone, will be pink-purple Orchid Bloom, vibrant Super Sonic blue, fresh Fair Green, playful Bubblegum pink, vibrant Coral Rose, and cool Cascade blue.

Guests back on the dance floor!

Many couples and their guests have spilled out of their dining rooms onto terraces, rug-carpeted courtyards, or twinkly light-strewn gardens for their first dance in the last two years, mostly for safety reasons. However, if the weather permits, we believe an outdoor first dance is magical enough to justify continuing this trend until 2022.

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