Meet the… Wedding Photographer Dita Bowen

Welcome to the first of our new blog series.

Dotted around the area of natural beauty that is the Cotswolds, you’ll find many fantastic – and incredibly talented – local wedding suppliers each with their own story to tell.

Beyond their talents often come fascinating insights and planning tips that you wouldn’t find any other way than by picking the brains of those who understand Cotswold weddings more than anyone.

When planning a wedding, local knowledge can make all the difference in making your day the most special that it possibly can be. 

So, with this in mind, our new “Meet the…” blog series aims to provide you with some top tips, Cotswold wedding insights and some plain old funny anecdotes to get you excited for your big day. These blogs will also help you get a feel for individual wedding suppliers to help you pick those who can make your special day the best it can be.

Without further ado, first up is Dita Bowen Photography.

So, Dita, Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

For starters, I’m a wife to a goofy husband Chris that makes me laugh 24/7 and a ‘pawrent’ to the cutest, cuddliest sausage dog in the world!

When I’m not out photographing some of the most beautiful souls on the planet, I love to explore the country or go on holidays. I also love to unwind with a bit of yoga, swimming or be a couch potato and chill on the sofa watching Netflix with my hubby.

I enjoy the outdoors, always did. I guess growing up in a village, climbing trees, breathing in the fresh air or just endlessly wondering through the meadows and forests, doing the rain/sun dance.. has taught me to love nature with all my heart.

I have always been quite care free and liked to throw myself into an adventure, into the unknown. I found that, somehow, I have always ended up having the best time and living the best moments of my life when I followed my heart and I didn’t worry about where my next step is going to be!

What should couples look for when choosing their wedding photographer?

I’d say there are two things to consider when looking to book your wedding photographer: Firstly, decide on the style and vibe of the photography you like. Secondly, connect with your photographer.

I’d say whilst you are looking at booking a date and a venue, try to get inspiration for what you want your wedding photographs to look like. Hop on Pinterest and search for things like “Light and Airy Wedding Photography”, “Documentary wedding Photography”, Fine Art Wedding Photography”, “Luxury Wedding Photography”, “Editorial Wedding Photography”, “Natural Wedding Photography”, “Dark and Moody Wedding Photography”… you get the idea.

Have a browse on Pinterest and save your ideas, you will naturally be drawn to a certain look and vibe. When you start looking at different photographers, use those descriptions to get a more accurate search. Don’t forget to add your location. For example, “Light and Airy Wedding Photographer in Warwickshire”.

Alternatively, Instagram is also a great place to search for your perfect wedding photographer. Look at your venue’s Instagram and see who tagged them in their photos for example.

Notice what their style is and narrow it down to those whose work you love the most and those you feel most connected to. When you are on photographer’s website, do look at the ‘About’ section to get to know them on more personal level.

You can also find some great wedding photographers on local wedding directories like this one that hosts vetted suppliers that you can be sure are professional, experience and talented. Overall, it’s important to choose a photographer that you feel you would be happy to be around all day.

You have such an interesting and creative approach to wedding photography. How do you usually describe your photography style to couples who aren’t familiar with your work?

My style is light, dreamy, whimsical, fun, documentary, natural and soft. I like to capture the wedding day as it happens from the smallest details to the biggest moments.

I’m always on the lookout to document those unscripted, candid moments as they happen, and I strive to make sure my couple portraits look and feel as organic and natural as possible.

It’s easy to see how well you get to know your couples prior to their weddings. How do you go about making that connection with them?

I feel like they are all my cup of tea and therefore it’s easy to connect with them. I like to ensure that if a couple chooses me to photograph their day, it’s not just for the photos but for the fact they feel like they can have me hung out with them all day.

I love to talk about their plans, get to know them and their dynamics through a complimentary engagement shoot which helps us all feel more prepared for the big day.

Also, I only take a limited number of weddings a year so I can ensure I give my all to everybody. I love all my couples dearly and witnessing them getting married, seeing them all nervous and happy is just pure joy. I feel so lucky to be part of people’s such special life moments.

Do you have a favourite wedding that you’ve photographed?

Do you have a favourite child/dog etc? Every wedding is special and has me in joyful tears!

Which venues are your favourite to work at?

Barns, tipis, country homes, gardens and stunning light and airy halls is what I’m all about. There are so many amazing venues in the Cotswolds that I love, for example, Caswell House, Lapstone Barn, De Vere Tortworth to name a few.

I love exploring new venues and being creative at places I haven’t visited before. I like to scout the venues I haven’t been at if I get a booking to familiarise myself with it ready for the wedding.

Tell me what you think makes a great wedding shoot.

I am a massive animal lover and love it when couples bring their pets to their wedding or engagement shoot!

Describe your typical day at work.

I get up, take my dog out for a walkie, have a coffee and then I’m off to my office to do some editing and admin.

Photographing weddings and engagements is actually only a small part of this job. There is bookkeeping, planning, consultations, venue scouting, meeting clients, blogging, advertisement, album design, website design, publications, collaborations – the list goes on!

Finally, what two simple things do you love the most about your job?

Free cake and fizz!

Would you like to find out Dita’s availability? Get in touch with her via the contact form on her profile page.

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