11 wedding trends for 2020/2021 to look out for

Wedding planner Dione Telling serves up the hottest wedding trends that will likely play a part in most weddings, including yours if you’re planning on getting married in 2020 or 2021! Delve in to find out what may replace traditional confetti and how Instagram is beginning to change the way couples are planning their big day, all in the following 11 wedding trends!

Wedding Trend 1: Sustainability

Believe it or not, trying to be sustainable is something that has been developing for a while now. More and more couples are incorporating this into their big day and I absolutely love it! Upcycling is becoming the top trend of 2020/2021, with old ladders and crates becoming the go to for displays for many couples. Instead of throwing things away, see how you can use it for your big day!

Better yet, you can find environmentally focused suppliers here on Cotswolds Wedding: Haze Lea Floral Designs specialises in sustainable wedding flowers, eco-friendly venue Burley Field’s Lake sources all their meat from the farm they’re situated on and Gemma Leakey locally sources sustainable fabrics and off-cuts to make all her bridal gowns. Best of all, their unique service means your wedding can still be individual while you’re following a trend!

Wedding Trend 2: Cheese cake (no, not that one!)

Personally, I am a huge cheese lover but it’s not for everyone. However, over the last year there has been a massive rise in the cheese trend. Instead of a sweet wedding cake, couples are going for the savoury cheese wedding cake which can be cut up and used as a cheese board for your guests in the evening. Oh, and don’t forget the crackers!

A slice of cheese from cheese cake decorated with raspberries and nuts

Wedding Trend 3: The Confetti Shot

With sustainability on the rise as previously mentioned, getting hold of bio-degradable confetti can be expensive or difficult for some. So, using alternatives to confetti after you’ve said your vows is big for 2020 – for example, cutting holes from leaves, using dried flowers, or even bird or wildflower seeds (with the venue’s permission of course!). Bubble shots are also a great alternative as well as ribbons – which can be made or upcycled from old materials.

Wedding Trend 4: Inclusivity

Trying to rack your brain about whether uncle Jim has that gluten intolerance may not be what you had in mind when planning your wedding , but it may well be something you find yourself considering before talking to your caterer. We’ve all seen a massive change in society when it comes to food, venues, and caterers, so naturally we see couples becoming more thoughtful when it comes to menu choices. Vegan? – no worries! Dairy intolerant? – we have you covered! It is important to consider guests’ needs, so talk to your caterers to ensure they can cater for all your guests before booking (I’m sure they’ll be able to!)

Wedding Trend 5: Table Statements

Ok, so this is one of my favourite trends of 2020! Huge centrepieces or overhead floral designs are in! Many couples are making a statement with their table layouts, wanting their day to look more than just an evening at a restaurant. After all, the styling is just as important as the food, you’re eating on your day, right?

Wedding Trend 6: Interactive Eating

I’m sure this one isn’t a surprise to you. Interactive eating, such as doughnut walls (yum!), sweet tables, ice cream carts and popcorn and candy floss machines are becoming extremely popular, allowing guests to interact with each other while enjoying all the good stuff. I highly recommend having one of these on your day, especially if you want something a little less formal. People also love choice these days so having a sweet table instead of (or to complement) a wedding cake can be a big win with your guests.

Wedding Trend 7: Mixed Wedding Parties

 This is inclusivity but on a different level! We’ve seen a decline in the number of religious ceremonies over the last couple of years, with many couples coming away from the church wedding and opting for a venue which can provide everything in one. Many wedding traditions are being thrown out and couples are making their day exactly what they want! Some changes to the traditional wedding party being one of these with bridesmen and bridesmaids as well men becoming ‘maid of honour’ or should I say ‘man of honour’.    

Wedding Trend 8: The Instagram Shot

We all know that Instagram is one of the top used social media sites and this has had a massive influence on the wedding industry with most of these top trends coming from Instagram. More and more couples are searching for things that can influence their day to be a top trend setter on social media and the wedding venue is the top one. They’re looking for the venue that can give them the ‘perfect Instagram shot’. I mean if it doesn’t look Instagram-able what’s the point, right? Not to mention all the different types of photo booths you can now hire these days.

Wedding Trend 9: Colours – don’t be afraid contrasting!

Now, wedding colours come on trend and off trend all the time with the season very dependent on choice of colours. However, contrasting colours is something we are seeing more and more of and personally I am here for it! I love contrasting colours, don’t be afraid of trying something new – it could be that some of your wedding party are in contrasting colours or your wedding party’s dresses or suits contrast your flowers. Mix it up you won’t regret it! And if you’re really willing to push the boat out, Beatrice von Tresckow helps you stand out  from the crowd with colourful silks and sumptuous velvets to make your wedding dress unlike anything else.

Wedding Trend 10: The Wedding Cake

If you’re not a lover of the cheese wedding cake trend and you would much rather a traditional wedding cake, less is becoming more! Many couples are coming away from the extravagant wedding cakes that once was and going for a ‘semi-naked’ theme to their cake without all that icing (which personally I love!) Your choice of cake extends beyond whether you want it naked, semi-naked or traditional, with options for different flavours, vibrant colours and decorations, you’re free to make you cake unique. To help you with this, you can find the best Cotswolds cake makers who will go above and beyond making your cake exactly how you’d like it right here.

Wedding Trend 11: Micro weddings

Whether you consider them a wedding trend or the only feasible way for future couples to get married, micro weddings are growing in popularity. In brief they’re much smaller in size (hosting about 20 guests) often cheaper, more relaxed, less intense and shorter in length than a traditional wedding day. One of the biggest advantages of a micro wedding is the couple’s ability to pretty much pick and choose the parts of a traditional wedding that they like the most. For example, you may choose to leave in the cake (because who would want to leave that out!) and the bouquet toss but leave in the speeches and wedding breakfast.

Much like everything else, weddings are coming away from old ‘traditions’ and giving couples the freedom to do whatever they want to make their day their own – and in an age where we have so many more options available to us, this can only be a good thing!

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