Wedding Photography Styles: Which One is Right For You?

There are so many wedding photography styles, but only one can be right for your big day.

Your wedding photographer is the one Cotswolds supplier you’ll hire for the big day that could be considered an investment. They are responsible for capturing your memories, photographing the moments you missed and creating a keepsake that’ll be cherished forever, so choosing the right one is vital. However, as you may have noticed already while wedding planning, there are many different photography styles. How do you know which one is right for you?

It can be hard to decipher which of the many styles of wedding photography is which when you first start researching. You’re asking yourself, is that traditional? Or is it more editorial? A mix of the two? Then, you have to ask yourself whether you like it or not, and will you still appreciate it in 20 years’ time. Because, as we say, these images are the only real record of your big day. Therefore, it’s important you don’t cringe at the sight of them further down the line.

tanil joy wedding photographer cotswolds
Photo by Tanli Joy

That being said, it’s still essential you choose a wedding photography style that aligns with your taste. Struggling to work out what you like? Scan through the posts you’ve saved on Instagram, and asses your boards on Pinterest. Is there an overriding theme staring you in the face? A pattern to these images that points to one style or another? You should start to see a trend, and if not, attempt to save more real wedding pictures, and one will eventually develop.

The Main Wedding Photography Styles

Wedding photographers will often blend one or two photography styles to create their own unique look. Which can make things confusing when trying to decide what you like… Today, we’re going to focus on the main, most common styles you’ll come across. And this should help you work out not only what type you prefer, but also which style a prospective photographer is using.

Traditional Wedding Photography

Some say classic wedding photography, others say traditional. Either way, a photographer who uses this style, creates timeless imagery. The types of shots your parents have in their wedding album. Quite formulaic, staged images that focus on posed scenarios.

wedding photography styles capture this moment cotswolds photographer
Photo from Capture This Moment Photography

If you want to guarantee you have nice shots of you and your partner, or big group shots with family. This wedding photography style is ideal for you. A traditional wedding photographer will be highly experienced in getting everyone together, and creating a beautiful shot of you all together.

Most wedding photographers will infuse their style with some traditional work so that they can hit key areas that couples want in their album, like group shots.

A traditional wedding photographer in the Cotswolds is unlikely to use any wacky editing, or unusual angles in their photography. Which means you are more likely to appreciate the look of your album in the future, as its style is timeless.

Editorial Wedding Photography

Keeping with the posed end of wedding photography styles, we have editorial. The type of image you see in magazines. A fashion shoot style, often involving a group.

scarlett shellis editorial style wedding photographer cotswolds
Photo from Scarlett Shellis Photography

This is generally a style of shooting that a photographer will bring in for key points during the day. To create a fun, or dramatic set of shots. When done well, it can look incredible, and create an image you’ll instantly want to hang on your wall.

If you want naturalistic shots, unposed, and unstaged, then this style is not for you.

Candid Wedding Photography

Frequently referred to as photojournalistic, candid wedding photography is one of the most popular styles used today. This type of work is entirely different to the two above styles, in that it focuses on naturally recurring moments.

Image from Emily Collett Photography

A candid wedding photographer in the Cotswolds will let the day flow, blend into the mix, and simply tell the story of your big day. Typically, they will chop up this type of work with more traditional elements, but some may not. So be sure to request portraits and group shots too, if that’s something you want.

We love this style as it captures the real emotions of the day; those blink and you’ll miss it tears, laughs and little moments that would go unnoticed without a professional photographer working candidly.

Fine Art Photography

This style of wedding photography is very cinematic, with an element of the traditional about it. Typically bright and airy, this type of imagery is quite soft, lending itself more to the feel of physical film.

tom wood wedding photography style in Cotswolds black and white
Image from Tom Wood Photography

Overall, the look will feel authentic and unstaged. But on the day, there will be a fair amount of naturalistic style posing used too, to create certain shots.

If you’re planning an outdoor celebration, then this style works particularly well, as it captures natural elements in a very vivid way.

Contemporary Photography

A contemporary wedding photographer has licence to pick styles, and techniques that they feel work best for the day. This could mean using experimental angles, lights or editing to create their own unique look.

Image from Chantelle Shephard Photography

Keep in mind with this type of work that you are very much in their hands. Your wedding will be captured in a way that matches the vision of the photographer, not your own. If you’re ok with that, and you love their artistic style, then great! However, if you want someone to just naturally capture your day, then select one of the options above, or make sure your photographer knows exactly what you want.

Aerial Photography

If you’ve ever seen a large group shot taken from above, or a sweeping video of the grounds of a wedding venue taken from up high – that’s aerial photography. It’s unlikely your prospective photographer will solely work with this style, but they will likely include some shots taken from a higher perspective. Be that up a ladder, the top of the stairs or with a drone.

Photo by Aidan Dockery Photography

These days, drone wedding photography is pretty common and can provide quite an impressive set of shots. Be that photographically, or shot by a wedding videographer. Certain suppliers specialise in this type of photography, so if it’s something you really want in your album, be sure to seek out the experts.

Which of these wedding photography styles is right for your big day album?

We hope this post has inspired your search for the perfect person to capture your big day! Do you feel ready to start chatting to the many talented wedding photographers in the Cotswolds?

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