Wedding Cars in the Cotswolds – How to Choose the Perfect Transport for Your Big Day⁣

The ideal wedding car should do more than just take you from A to B. Here’s how to select the perfect motor for the occasion.

Among all the tough decisions a couple has to make when planning a wedding in the Cotswolds, choosing cars for the day often gets pushed to the side. Which is totally understandable. You’ve got to pick the dress, plan the flowers, hire the suits, decide on what you’re all going to eat… the list is endless! But, take it from us, when you’re looking through your wedding photos, and you see that shiny Rolls-Royce, or that vintage Triumph in the background, you’ll be glad you went that extra mile. And found the wedding cars that suited your Cotswolds celebration.

Finding a reliable wedding car company in the Cotswolds will benefit you in many more ways than simply getting you to the chapel on time. By choosing some transport that coordinates with your theme, you’ll be adding another dimension to your wedding photography. And gifting yourself more of that big day experience! Just think how different you’ll feel being picked up by a luxurious Bentley, with a smartly dressed chauffeur. Compared to the emotions you’ll have travelling in the back of your dad’s old Renault Megane…!

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Wedding Car from DB Wedding Cars

Having the right wedding car will elevate your whole day, and take you on a journey you never expected (emotionally!). If we’ve swayed your thoughts, or you’re already considering hiring a car, and possibly a chauffeur for your wedding, it’s important you pick the appropriate one. We’re blessed with an abundance of wonderful wedding car hire companies in the Cotswolds. All of whom would do a fantastic job of being your driver for the day. But how do you pick the best one for your nuptials?

How to Choose the Perfect Car for your Wedding in the Cotswolds

In this post, we’ll share the questions you should be asking yourself when comparing different wedding cars, while also sharing a few of the best travel suppliers in the Cotswolds.

What Type of Wedding Dress Will You Be Wearing?

Your wedding car must work in harmony with your dress, both in looks, and practicality. The car you choose for the big day will feature prominently in your wedding photography. Therefore, it needs to complement the style, and colour of your gown. For example, if you’re going for a vintage style floaty dress, with lots of lace, or maybe a tea length number. A cute little Fiat 500 would match that perfectly! The guys at Fiat 500 Hire have a lovely range of these adorable motors, and they all look so good on camera!

On the flip side, those tiny Fiats will be pretty useless as wedding transportation if you’re planing on wearing a large, voluminous ballgown on your special day. You’ll struggle to get in to begin with, and if you do manage it, you’ll be lost in a sea of ivory tulle and crêpe. Not at all glamorous.

bride and bridesmaids with fiat 500 wedding car
Image from Fiat 500 Hire

If that is the kind of gown you’re going for, then maybe you should consider something more like a vintage Rolls-Royce. These spacious, luxurious cars will comfortably fit your gown, while also treating you to a once-in-a-lifetime drive! If you like the idea of a Rolls, you need to check out British Classic Car Hire. They have a wonderful range of impeccably looked after cars from a bygone era that’ll certainly suit a classic, countryside celebration.

Who Are You Travelling With?

Make sure the transportation you choose suits your guests, if you’re choosing to travel with loved ones. There’s no point in finding some super cool sports car for your big day, only to find your elderly relatives can’t get in it…! Balancing practicality with style is key. Fortunately, we have so many wedding cars available to choose from in the Cotswolds, you should be able to find the perfect one.

Be Sure of Your Budget Before Committing

Less of a question, more like advice. When you begin to look at wedding cars, be it in the Cotswolds, or anywhere in the UK. You will find the heavily advertised prices quite appealing. However, these prices are typically for the most basic of service. And actually, what you’ll end up paying is considerably more.

Much like when booking any other supplier for your wedding, it’s important to get a quote from car companies based on what you need, rather than gearing your entire budget around prices you see on-line. As they won’t necessarily be the most accurate representation of what you will end up paying, for what you require.

Get quotes from several wedding car companies, and use that information to not only influence your travel provider decision. But also your overall budget. Weigh the cost of one supplier against another, and decide together, if the budget is wearing thin, which item, or level of service, you honestly cannot do without.

Groom next to vintage triumph wedding car
Image from Vintage Triumph Weddings

What Do You Want Included in Your Wedding Car Experience?

There are many factors that make up the final cost of hiring a wedding car. Time is a major one. Do you want the car exclusively for the whole day? Or would half a day be more suitable? Then there’s also the chauffeur. Would like, or need someone to drive you around? DB Wedding Cars are renowned not just for their luxurious wedding cars, but also their service. They’re a family business who take great pride in every journey they take. Chauffeur Dave is typically the gentleman behind the wheel. And he will ensure that you feel every inch the VIP as you glide to the altar!

Having someone like Dave from DB Wedding Cars as your chauffeur is a wonderful experience. But if you are juggling different budgetary factors, you will find that the self-drive option is more affordable. But it will depend on the company you’re hiring from.

It’s also important to consider mileage, waiting times, parking, petrol and decoration. As all of these elements will affect the final cost. Kushi Cars have a really useful FAQ section on their website which breaks down how their quotes are created. You should certainly check that out as you’ll find that really useful. Plus, it’s a good excuse to take a look at their charming vintage Indian Ambassador car!

When Should You Book Your Wedding Car?

Ask any supplier of wedding cars in the Cotswolds, and they’ll say as soon as possible! Which may sound like a typical salesperson trick, but it’s not. You may have already found when booking venues, or other wedding suppliers, that things get snapped up quickly. Especially for peak season. We talked to several car companies when writing this post, and nearly all of them were taking bookings for 2024, and even 2025. With this in mind, as long as you know your budget, it’s imperative you book early to avoid disappointment.

We hope this post has inspired your search for the perfect wedding cars for your Cotswolds celebration! If you feel like getting stuck in right away, we have a wide selection of travel providers here at Cotswolds Wedding, all of whom have their own unique style and specialities. You can find out about each one of these suppliers via their personal profiles, and website links on our site.

Start your search for the perfect wedding cars supplier in the Cotswolds today, by using our dropdown tab at the top of the page, or by following this link.

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