Wedding Budgeting Tips: How to Plan Your Dream Wedding, Affordably

Trim the cost of your wedding, without sacrificing any of the romance.

There’s no getting away from the fact that weddings are expensive. Ask any married couple their thoughts on wedding planning, and 9/10 times they’ll mention money within the first few breaths. But what they’ll likely also say is that it was worth every penny, because weddings are incredible! And even though the cost of hosting one may seem a little daunting, the memories you’ll create will last a lifetime. Besides, there are so many ways to save money on wedding planning, and still put together a big day that’s every bit as wonderful as you imagined. And today, we’re going to share our essential wedding budgeting tips with you!

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Wedding Budgeting Tips that’ll Help You Save on Your Big Day

Your wedding needn’t cost you a fortune, and the best way to ensure that is to decide on what your priorities are. For instance, maybe the location of your wedding day is the most important thing to you. Therefore, you may decide to splurge a more than significant portion of your budget on a stunning, luxurious wedding venue in the Cotswolds – and we wouldn’t blame you!

Deciding early that your wedding venue is a top priority over catering, or entertainment, for example, will help you allocate funds a lot more responsibly.

Ready to boost your wedding budget and cut the cost of your big day? Let’s dive right into our wedding budgeting tips!

Create a Realistic Budget, and Stick to it

Putting together a solid budget is 101 of wedding planning tips, but sticking to those numbers is not always so easy. The key to following through with a financial plan is to thoroughly research each area of your budget.

Get initial quotes from multiple suppliers, read as much as you can about every element of wedding planning, and use that information to influence your budget. Making it as realistic as possible. If relatives can help towards costs, be sure to speak with them too when putting together your numbers. The married ones may also have some real-world tips on wedding budgeting.

As a couple, be honest with each other about the amount you want to spend. Because if your true vision for the big day is not aligned with your partner from the start, then you’ll really struggle to stick to a realistic budget. Plus, you’ll also find the wedding planning process as a whole is a lot less harmonious, and enjoyable.

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Marry on a Weekday

We knew that when putting together these wedding budgeting tips, that this piece of advice would be the hardest pill to swallow. But you’d be amazed at the amount you can save by simply switching from a weekend wedding, to a midweek celebration.

Venues that were once fully booked, suddenly become available. Spaces that were once completely out of your budget, miraculously become attainable. Simply by choosing to marry on Wednesday, or even a Friday!

Wedding venues typically take up the majority of a couples’ wedding budget. Therefore, if you can bring down that cost, your overall expenditure will instantly reduce. You should also find that catering, among many other suppliers, will also offer much better deals if you’re marrying midweek.

Keep it Small

We’re sharing these wedding budgeting tips not to help you create a big day that feels cheap, but to guide your spending in a way that can actually elevate the whole event – and guest list size is the perfect example.

When first formulating a guest list, it’s tempting to just add everyone you can think of, and then start accepting friends of family, and friends of friends. Just because weddings should be big, right? But is that actually what you want? Maybe you’d rather look around your venue and only see faces that mean something to you?

Smaller weddings are not for everyone, but planning something more intimate is certainly worth considering, especially if you want to cut costs. The more guests you have, the higher your overall costs will typically be.

By bringing down the numbers, you should be able to offer yourselves, and the guests you do invite, a more luxurious and personalised experience.

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The art of negotiating does not come naturally to all of us. But when budgeting for a wedding, it is always worthwhile biting the bullet, and just asking. Don’t feel like you’re robbing the professionals you’re working with, they won’t offer you a price if they don’t feel it’s fair for them.

Suppliers often offer packages as a way of making what they do easier to understand. But those packages are not always perfect for everyone. And there’s no reason why you should simply accept, and pay for things if they’re not entirely appropriate for you.

Ask your potential supplier for something a little more tailored, putting together items from different packages to create a deal that suits you. By doing that, you may find the final price for that service is a lot more attainable than it once was.

Choose a Wedding Venue Wisely

Certain wedding venues need very little dressing for the big day because they are already fabulous. Whereas other, more blank canvas spaces require a lot more styling to make them look special. In terms of budgeting, both types of wedding venues have their advantages, and hopefully our tips we’ll help you decide which is right for you.

Ready-made wedding venues tend to be pricier, but require a lot less money spent on decor. Blank canvas venues are typically cheaper, but often need a lot of work (and money) to make them look wedding-ready.

If you’re a DIY fanatic and are determined to put together every part of your wedding decor yourself, then a blank canvas would be ideal and allow you to keep costs down. But if you require countless suppliers to make your venue look the way you want, maybe this type of space isn’t right for you, budget-wise. You could instead consider an outdoor location? Parks and gardens need very little decoration, as Mother nature has already done all the hard work. Meaning you get to say ‘I do’ within a spectacular location, without any other of the expensive styling.

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Always Choose In-season

Whether it’s flowers, fruit, vegetables, or anything natural. Choosing products that are in-season will always be cheaper. Fresh flowers, in particular, usually take up a significant part of a wedding budget, even when used sparingly.

If you are trying to keep to a wedding budget, but have a bloom in mind that’s not in-season, ask your florist for their expert tips. An experienced supplier will typically be able to suggest a very similar flower, or plant that is in-season, or cheaper than the type you originally had in mind. Meaning you get the same look, but for a lot less money.

Choose an Off-the-rack Bridal

Wedding dress shops always have a full of rail of dresses in-store that have become unavailable to re-order. These gowns will have been tried on by other brides in their shop, but will have been carefully cleaned and prepared to be sold, at a fraction of the price they were originally.

A dress selected from one of these rails, or bought from a sample sale, may not be your size, or could have parts of it you’re not 100% in love with. But on the whole, an experienced seamstress can usually fix all of that for you, and again, for a lot cheaper than it would be to get that gown made bespoke.

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