Wedding Bar Hire: 5 Fun & Chic Ideas That’ll Wow Your Guests

We all know the bar will be the busiest spot at your wedding, so why not make it super stylish!

At almost every wedding, there always comes a point during the night when everyone just seems to gravitate towards the bar. Post-wedding breakfast, after some dancing and mingling, guests typically start to get a little thirsty. And before you know it, they’re 3 deep at the bar, all desperate for a fresh cocktail, or frosty bottle of beer. You can tempt them away with fun photo-booths, and fireworks. But they’ll usually find their way back to the wedding bar eventually, so why not make it a feature!

If your wedding guests will naturally spend a large portion of their evening ordering, hanging out and catching up at the bar, it seems only right that it becomes an extension of your decor. Make it memorable. A highlight guests will look back on and love. In whatever style that may be, depending on your venue or theme.

If you’re reading this and thinking, ‘this all sounds very nice, but I’m busy enough planning this wedding, I can’t DIY a bar too!?‘. Fear not. If you feel that creating, stocking and staffing your own bar is a step too far. There are plenty of incredible mobile wedding bar hire companies in the Cotswolds who can look after all of that for you!

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Image from The Old Fashioned Cocktail Company

5 Fun & Chic Wedding Bar Hire Ideas That’ll Wow Your Guests

At Cotswolds Wedding, we’re fortunate to have a really talented bunch of mobile wedding bar hire suppliers on our site. From creative cocktail makers, to passionate lovers of beer and wine. We have every type of wedding bar hire service you could desire. In a wide range of styles.

In this post, we thought we’d chat to our amazing suppliers, and get them to suggest 5 fun wedding bar ideas that’ll help make your big day stand out from the rest.

Serve Cocktails from a Camper Van

If you’re planning, maybe a rustic summer wedding with events mostly taking place outside, or perhaps a vintage style celebration. What could fit the theme better than having an old-school, yet very chic camper van serving signature cocktails!

The guys at The Cotswold Bar Company are the proud owners of just such a camper. Their pride and joy, ‘Gumpy’, is full of distinctive character and charm. The sort of adorable vehicle that even the most stoic of guest couldn’t help but fall for.

cotswolds bar company mobile wedding bar

Image from The Cotswolds Bar Company

This (obviously) mobile wedding bar is capable of serving any type of drink you desire, but they specialise in creative cocktails. All served by experienced staff who know how to please a crowd, and delight their taste buds!

Alongside ‘Gumpy’, The Cotswold Bar Company also have a vintage wine box available for hire, alongside a cool LED bar and a more rustic long palette design. So, no matter your big day style, these guys will have the perfect bar design for your celebration.

Step Back in Time with a Vintage Style Cocktail Bar

For those of you who love to impress your friends by knowing where all the best secret bars and speakeasies are in your town. Why not bring a touch of that vintage, clandestine glamour to your wedding, with a themed cocktail bar.

vintage style cocktail bar mobile

Image from The Old Fashioned Cocktail Company

The Old Fashioned Cocktail Co. have curated the most sophisticated bar setup, and their overall look offers more than a nod towards the classic cocktail bars of the late 1800s. With rose plated tools, pristine glassware and vintage equipment all helping to create a scene from a more decadent age.

Their team is made up of bona fide experts in the art of cocktail making, and will happily create something bespoke for your big day. Which only serves to heighten the experience of having professionally made cocktails made at your wedding.

Celebrate the Very Best in Wine

We can’t all be wine buffs, and if you feel like you don’t know your Chardonnay from your Pinot Grigio, then maybe you should hire some experts. A team that’ll not only present, and serve wine at your wedding reception. But they’ll also be genuinely passionate and knowledgeable about the drinks they’re pouring. Recommending wines to guests based on their palette, and putting together an artful selection for you before the big day. Selecting a range of ‘pours’ that’ll suit your celebration perfectly.

camervin wedding bar with wines

Image from CamperVin

If you dream of serving loved ones the very best in wines on your big day, CamperVin Wine Online should be the first supplier you contact! Their knowledge, passion, and presentation of wines is unparalleled compared to other merchants in the area. And their unique presentation plays a big part in why the CamperVin Wine Online wedding bar is so attractive to marrying couples!

Their team offer a range of bespoke, and chic mobile bars designed to suit any style of occasion. There’s the luxurious, yet rustic Range Rover, with draught taps on the side. Their genuinely unique Volkswagen camper van/wine bar with lift-up roof and extending bar. And finally, their fully stocked mobile beer bar, which is ideal for those lager lovers who want to bring some festival vibes to their wedding day.

Create a Cocktail Show

Any experienced barman can make a cocktail, but can they entertain guests with their skills? Will their Manhattan Mule making antics wow those waiting at the bar, and thrill those desperate to taste it. Probably not. And that’s why having cocktail making masters as bartenders is a wonderful way to entertain your loved ones at all times.

bar bros cotswolds

Image from The Bar Bros

The Bar Bros are true experts at making drinks, and entertaining guests. Their love for raising a smile, and becoming part of the event, is legendary. Offering so much more than just excellent, and affordable wedding bar hire in the Cotswolds.

Their experienced team are a really close bunch, and as a business boast a full 14 option cocktail menu, 3 draught options, and an extensive menu of local craft spirits. All presented in a style that suits your day, with multiple different bar setup options available.

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