Top 10 Wedding Cake Designers in the Cotswolds

There is an abundance of talented bakers & wedding cake designers in the Cotswolds

The wedding cake is so much more than just a dessert. It’s a pivotal piece of decor, plays a huge part in the reception, and is often the culinary climax for those with a sweet tooth. Wedding cakes are important. And these days, the design of them has elevated far beyond the traditional fondant covered fruit cake. Big day baked creations have become statement artistic pieces, with unique flavour combinations and trend-led styling. In the Cotswolds, we have so many talented wedding cake designers who are at the forefront of this new wave of bakes.

Whether you want a humble couple of tiers, or have your heart set on having a sky-high baked creation on your big day. Our wedding cake designers across the Cotswolds can create it for you. Using their expert skills, and eye for design, they’ll effortlessly be able to whip up a cake that suits your style, and wows your loved ones.

bloom bakehouse wedding cake designer in the Cotswolds
Photo from Bloom Bakehouse

At Cotswolds Wedding, we pride ourselves on the vast selection of experienced suppliers we have on our site. And cake designers are no exception. Today, we’d like to share our top 10 Wedding Cake Designers in the Cotswolds. In the hope that we might inspire your dessert plans, and maybe help you find the perfect baker for your big day.

The Top 10 Wedding Cake Designers in the Cotswolds

You will find all of these cake designers, and more, on the Cotswolds Wedding. They are listed here in no particular order, and we have so many other talented bakers on our site, so please do check them out as well.

Hannah Hickman Creative Cake Makers

Hannah Hickman Creative Cake Makers is one of the leading Cotswolds wedding cake designers, and is based in Cheltenham. Her handcrafted creations are unique to every couple, with statement-worthy design at the forefront of her work. Beyond the showstopping nature of her cakes, Hannah is also meticulous on taste. Making sure that every tier tastes as good as it looks.

Whether it’s a mouth-watering sponge, or a smooth, creamy filling, every detail is created to the highest quality. Using the finest ingredients, and latest trends to guide her designs. Without forgetting to ensure her work remains timeless.

hannah hickman wedding cakes
Photo from Hannah Hickman Creative Cake Makers

Cake Design By Holly Miller

Based in Somerset, Cake Design by Holly Miller is renowned for her bespoke creations. Luxurious wedding cakes that have continued to impress her couples, ever since her first cake, back in 2016. A proud baker, Holly is the recommended cake designer at many prestigious Cotswolds wedding venues. All of whom have long admired her talent for creating just what her couples had envisioned.

A forever romantic, Holly is obsessed with the joy her cakes gift her couples. Along with the theatre her designs are a part of. Always striving to go one step further in order to bring the drama.

cake by holly miller
Photo from Cake Design by Holly Miller

Louise Cannon Cakes

Timeless, and beautiful wedding cakes is what Louise Cannon is best known for. Sweet creations that add the perfect finishing touch to an evening. With an eye for traditional over trend, Louise loves to design with the whole wedding theme in mind. Often coordinating her bakes with the bouquets, or decor elements present on the day. Best of all, Louise is also well known for her beautiful hand-made sugar flowers and her cakes tasting absolutely delicious.

louise cannon wedding cake designer cotswolds
Photo from Louise Cannon Cakes

Carly Cakes

If you’re searching for wedding cake designers not afraid to think outside the box, look no further than Cotswolds baker, Carly Cakes. Carly is passionate about what she does, and loves creating beautiful, statement cakes for all types of celebrations. Her speciality is vegan, and gluten-free wedding cakes, something not always easy to find in the Cotswolds. At least not in the way Carly does it. Delivering a cake that not only looks as good as their non-vegan or gluten-free counterpart. But tastes incredible too.

carly cakes pink wedding cake with dry flowers
Photo from Carly Cakes

Bloom Bakehouse

Romance, and individuality lays at the heart of the very chic designs created by Bloomhouse Bakes. Not content with just composing elegant bakes, this Cotswold wedding cake designer will blow you away with their unique flavours. Tastes that are inspired by the beautiful world around, and the baker’s Asian heritage.

Every wedding cake created by Suzannne from Bloomhouse Bakes is bespoke to the client, and reflects their personality, and stories they’ve shared with her. Meaning, her stylish designs have more emotional depth than your average celebration cake.

bloom bakehouse
Photo from Bloom Bakehouse

Cake by Rachel

Using only the best, freshest ingredients, Cake by Rachel creates beautiful wedding cakes that taste divine. Her almost too good to eat creations cater to all tastes, with a style that suits both contemporary couples, and those looking for something a little more classic. Her timeless tiered designs, in particular, are much loved by our Cotswolds couples. As are her humorous, bespoke ‘bride and groom’ cake toppers, perfect for adding a bit of fun to your reception decor.

cake by rachel wedding cake with flowers
Photo from Cake by Rachel

Dolce Lusso Cakes

Sweet luxury is how Dolce Lusso describes their stylish wedding cakes, and we couldn’t agree more. Infused with more than a hint of Italian passion, these intensely flavoured bakes are fast becoming the must-have supplier for couples looking for a statement design.

The indulgent treats created by Kate from Dolce Lusso use only the finest ingredients, and techniques honed through years of experience. And her Italian wedding cake flavours are almost unique to the UK. From the Prosecco infused sponge, to the Sicilian lemon curd and the Amaretto buttercream. You won’t find many other wedding cake designers in the Cotswolds creating such beautiful cakes, with those kinds of luxurious fillings.

dolce lusso luxury wedding cakes
Photo from Dolce Lusso

The Cake Architect

Capturing the very essence of a couple in their wedding cake designs is key to the bespoke work of The Cake Architect. Be it four elegant towering tiers, or more of an alternative take on the traditional look, baker David will find a unique angle to create an exquisite cake bursting with individuality.

Beyond design, The Cake Architect prides himself on his vast range of flavours. From timeless and tasty, through to sweet, zesty and boozy! Together, you’ll find a flavour, or five, that’ll satisfy your indulgent side.

the cake architect wedding cake designers cotswolds
Photo from The Cake Architect

Storyteller Cakes

Perfection in presentation is paramount to Storyteller Cakes, a Cotswolds-based wedding cake designer with a gift for portraying the stories of their couples. Their quirky, yet traditional designs not only look incredible as standalone pieces of wedding decor. But they also taste sensational, with a wide range of crowd pleasing flavour combinations available to choose from. Our favourite has to be the carrot, orange and pistachio! A sure fire winner with your loved ones.

storyteller wedding cakes
Photo from Storyteller Cakes

Cake Daydreams

This award-winning wedding cake designer uses the very best local, Cotswolds produce to create their elegant, and delicious bakes. Claire, the baker at Cake Daydreams, designs with the big day emotions of the couple in mind. Creating cakes that evoke the feelings of their wedding, while also touching on the other decor elements prominent on the day. Whether that’s recreating the signature flower of the wedding in icing, or weaving the tones of your outfits through the design.

Cake Daydreams is the recommended wedding cake designer at a number of wonderful wedding venues in the Cotswolds, as well as some other, prestigious event spaces across the UK. A fact that shows just how well respected, and highly regarded her modern, yet timeless designs are.

cake daydreams wedding
Photo from Cake Daydreams by Grace Dove Photography

We hope this post has inspired your search for the perfect wedding cake designer for your Cotswolds celebration! If you haven’t found the perfect supplier just yet, don’t worry, we have a wide selection of other wedding cake specialists here at Cotswolds Wedding. You can find out about each one of these suppliers via their personal profiles, and website links on our site.

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