Plan a Rustic Wedding in the Cotswolds: Tips, Ideas & Suppliers

Reflect the beautiful, natural surroundings of the Cotswolds with a relaxed, rustic wedding.

For many couples, the idea of a pristine, perfectly shiny wedding day, just doesn’t feel right. Sweeping ballrooms, ballgowns and elaborate formalities are not for everyone. Especially in more modern times, with couples nowadays feeling the freedom to create a celebration that is more in-tune with their personalties. While also planning a wedding that feels reflective of the environment. The rustic wedding is the perfect example of that, and in the Cotswolds, in particular, we have seen a surge in weddings leaning heavily towards this theme.

It’s not hard to see why so many Cotswolds couples are choosing a rustic theme for their wedding, when you consider how stunning our surroundings are. Breathtaking views, endless rolling hills and wonderfully chic venues all lending themselves perfectly to a wedding with a relaxed vibe.

couple outdoor at rustic wedding

Image from Hadsham Farm Weddings

The natural palette of the Cotswolds is undeniably ideal too for a rustic wedding. Earthy browns, pastel greens, and pops of lavender make up the ‘colourscape’ of our beautiful part of the world, and provide such a picturesque wash of tones wherever you look. Plus, our natural surroundings provide instant colour inspiration for couples looking to create a rustic wedding theme.

How to Plan a Rustic Wedding in the Cotswolds

The art of making a wedding feel relaxed, and rustic, is, well, an art. To properly pull off the theme requires careful thought. And although this style of wedding is more popular these days, you will still need to work harder to find suppliers who’ll help you achieve the desired rough around the edges look. But don’t panic. We have a wealth of experience putting together this type of wedding, and know just who you should contact in the Cotswolds to put together a stylish, rustic theme.

In this post, we’ll share our ideas, planning advice and suppliers who’ll be able to help you throw that dream laidback celebration in the countryside.

It All Starts with the Wedding Venue

Location is key to any successful wedding or event, and that is no truer when putting together a rustic style wedding. The venue you choose needs to encapsulate, or be easily adapted (i.e. a blank canvas wedding venue) to suit your rustic wedding theme.

Think exposed beams, iron, brickwork, and a wash of warm tones. Barns, old churches and outdoor wedding venues lend themselves perfectly to the relaxed theme. Barn wedding venues in particular are ideal destinations for a rustic wedding, and thankfully there is an abundance of them scattered across the Cotswolds countryside. Often renovated to provide modern amenities, but without losing any of that rawness couples search for in a barn wedding venue.

rustic barn venue in cotswolds

Image from Lapstone Barn

Lapstone Barn is a great example of a thoughtful barn conversion with magnificent scenery, sitting as it does in the North of the Cotswolds, nestled among rolling fields and biscuit-hued market towns. The views can be enjoyed wherever you are at Lapstone Barn, whether you’re dinning in the expansive reception room, or enjoying a cocktail on the English courtyard. The ceremony room fits the theme perfectly too, with its exposed beams overhead and delightful honey-coloured brickwork. A really warm, and inviting space.

Reflect the Natural World

The Cotswolds countryside is wonderfully eclectic. A mish mash of colours, textures, and elements. But together, it provides the dreamiest landscape. A wall of pastels and warm hues. The ultimate inspiration for a rustic themed wedding.

Bringing in natural elements and colour is key if you want to create a harmonious looking boho style celebration. But it can be difficult to pick between colours, and elements, when there are so many all around in the natural world, and on Pinterest! Which is why it’s often a good idea to enlist the help of a wedding stylist or planner. Someone who can help pare back your colour theme, and use their experience to create a look that feels professional, without being polished. This is a rustic style wedding we’re trying to put together after all!

church wedding reception design by Gold Flamingo Events

Image from Gold Flamingo Events

If you are looking for some styling or planning help, Gold Flamingo Events are based in the Cotswolds, and they would be the ideal team to put together a rustic themed wedding. At whatever stage of wedding planning you’re at, they can help inspire and take the strain. Taking care of everything, being there every step of the way, and all the while offering a really personable service. We’ve seen first-hand some of their weddings thrown in barns across the Cotswolds, and their level of detail and execution is almost unmatched.

Keep the Food Laidback

Rustic wedding food needs to be fuss-free. Simple, delicious dishes that guests can either eat on-the-go from serving stations, waiters, or food trucks. Pizza is the classic choice, and every guest will be more than happy to grab a slice, or three. Dough Wood Fired Pizza make incredible Neapolitan style pizza using a very chic transportable pizza oven. Which can be easily dressed up to suit your individual theme. You could throw some fairy lights over it to create a cosy evening atmosphere, or decorate the oven with greenery and dried flowers? The guys at Dough Wood Fire Pizza would make ideal caterers for an outdoor wedding, and they’ll certainly provide guests with a comforting feast.

Image from Dough Wood Fired Pizza

If you’d prefer more of an organised moment, a time when all of your guests can sit down together. Then family style dinning would suit a rustic wedding theme perfectly. Seating guests on long tables and serving food that can be effortlessly shared, creates such a warm, social atmosphere. With guests swapping stories, and plates, as the evening rolls on.

When it comes to the food, reflecting your surroundings in the dishes you serve is a really nice touch. Cotswold Cooks are all about locally sourced, organic produce using sustainable ingredients. Being farmers themselves, they know food, and they know all the suppliers in the area. Guaranteeing their clients get the best meat from the butcher, delicious bread from the baker and wonderful desserts made by their family. Using these fine ingredients, Cotswolds Cooks creates platters and platters inspired by the rustic dishes of the Mediterranean. The ideal fresh and shareable cuisine to be served family style.

Make it Clear the Dress Code is Relaxed

There’s no doubt your attire will be all dreamy boho and neutral tones. Flowing chiffon skirts, lace and floaty tulle. Suited in a naturally coloured two piece, or a waistcoat and trousers. Suffice to say, you’ll both have got your look sorted and coordinated with the rustic theme. But what about your guests? They need to reflect the relaxed vibe too.

Make it clear on your wedding invitations, that you want loved ones to not just dress in a rustic style, but also feel more relaxed. Embracing the natural, unfussy vibes by ditching ties and dresses with constraints. For some guests this may prove difficult, or hard to imagine. So why not share a lookbook filled with warm neutral tones and natural fabrics to help inspire their outfit choices. Your wedding website is a great place to do this.

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