Marquee Wedding Hire: Your Guide to Planning the Perfect Outdoor Celebration

Whether you’re dreaming of a rustic, boho or a rather more modern wedding, marquee hire can suit almost any theme.

The popularity of marquee wedding hire has exploded over the last few years, with couples across the UK discovering just how versatile these structures can be. In the Cotswolds, in particular, we have many experienced marquee and tent venues, all of whom have seen their diaries fill up ever quicker, year-on-year. But why?

Why are wedding marquee hire companies so en vogue right now? And how do you plan the perfect tent wedding, no matter your theme? In this post, we’ll guide you through the process of planning a marquee wedding in the UK, while also sharing just how special a celebration under canvas can be!

Marquee Wedding Hire guests parish house cotswolds

Image from Parish House, Bath

Why You Should Hire a Marquee For Your Wedding

Turn the simplest of outdoor spaces into the dream big day setting by choosing to hire a marquee for your wedding.

No Limit on Guest List

If you’re blessed with a large family, or a wide circle of friends, and you’re worried about leaving anyone out on your wedding day, marquee hire could be the answer. Outdoor, tented wedding venues can easily accommodate much larger guest numbers than most traditional, indoor spaces.

This is not to imply that marquees are only for large celebrations, as they’re equally ideal for smaller, more intimate style weddings too. There are various types, and sizes of wedding marquees available for hire. With most companies open to tailoring their tents for those with lower guest numbers.

The Ideal ‘Blank Canvas’

As mentioned, there are various different styles of wedding marquee available to hire. And no two wedding marquees look the same. Unlike traditional wedding venues, tents tend not to have any pre-existing decor or furniture that you need to blend your theme with, or adapt your big day style around. A marquee is literally a blank canvas that’ll allow you to be endlessly creative with your styling, colour choices and lighting.

Get Married Wherever You Like

Providing there’s enough space, a marquee hire company can place your wedding venue just about anywhere. Often, the ground doesn’t even need to be completely flat! This flexibility gives couples free will to celebrate wherever they choose. Maybe somewhere sentimental that doesn’t have enough indoor space? A destination with incredible views? Norton Grounds in Chipping Campden, for example, has remarkable views across the Cotswolds, and their marquee space overlooks their picturesque stone farmhouse – the most rustic and romantic of big day backdrops.

Take Control of Your Budget

In general, wedding marquee suppliers allow you to hire their tents, and do not expect you to purchase anything extra. They may offer furniture or lighting services, for example, or recommend professionals who can help you plan your day. But unlike many traditional wedding venues, with expensive wedding packages, marquees allow you to take control of your budget. Giving you flexibility to choose the services, and suppliers you wish, or don’t wish to work with on your big day.

Ideal for those who really want to DIY the whole celebration.

norton grounds wedding venue marquee

Image from Norton Grounds

How to Plan the Perfect Marquee Wedding

Now we’ve seen all the wonderful benefits hiring a marquee can offer you on your wedding day. It’s now time to plan the perfect marquee wedding!

Location, Location, Location

How ever you choose to tie the knot, the location of your nuptials is paramount to its success. And when you hire a marquee wedding venue, it’s no different. The only difference being, you are not bound to a traditional celebration location. As long as your space has enough room, can be accessed easily, and has power and/or can fit a generator – you can pretty much party anywhere!

That being said, the most successful marquee weddings are ones that take place on grounds looked after by people with experience. A place like Hillside Farm, for instance, a unique woodland setting surrounded by endless greenery, rolling hills and ancient trees. Their wedding team work with multiple different marquee, tent, and tipi hire companies across the Cotswolds. And have put on countless celebrations within their beautiful grounds and buildings. Meaning you can rest assured, knowing your big day is being looked after.

Choose a Marquee Style

Once you’ve found a location for your wedding, it’s time to decide on the style of marquee you want to hire. There are several different types of marquee, and each has its benefits that’ll suit one couple or another. The guys at Cotswold Marquees offer multiple structure styles, and you’ll be able to get a feel for each one on their website.

When picking between styles of marquee, think primarily about theme, budget, and your number of guests. Armed with that information, you should find it easy to pick the right structure.

Pick a Wedding Marquee Hire Company

If you want your wedding to go off without a hitch, you need to find a reliable company to hire your marquee from. At Cotswold Wedding we only work with the best, and most trustworthy businesses in the area. Companies you can place your complete trust in to create a beautiful destination for your big day. You can browse our recommended venues right here, where you’ll also find spectacular tipi and tent providers.

When selecting the right supplier of tent, or venue for your big day, consider their experience, reputation, and reviews. These factors will show you how much trust should be placed in them.

Maisemore Court lakeside wedding marquee venue cotswolds

Image from Lakeside Weddings at Maisemore Court

Plan for Wet Weather

Even the best marquee hire company in the Cotswolds can’t stop the rain from falling on your wedding day. In the UK, it still rains during the height of summer, meaning you need to have a plan b in place if the heavens should open. Of course, the marquee itself will be completely waterproof, and your guests will remain dry when inside. But the toilets, and any other suppliers present outside the tent, will not be. The entrances and exits also need to remain safe, and free from slippery mud.

Getting professional preparation put in place for possible rain is another positive aspect of hiring a reliable marquee business. Parish House are the perfect example. Their stunning regency property sits within 22 acres of manicured gardens and parklands that provide the most elegant of big day scenes. But it’s not just the stunning views that make Parish House a great place to tie the knot, it’s their experienced wedding team too. A group who’ll be able to create the dream celebration, just as you imagined, while also planning for every eventuality.


We’re sorry to end on a not so fun point, but practicalities need to be considered when you hire a wedding marquee. Much more so than when using a traditional wedding venue.

  • Power will need to be provided, either from the mains via a nearby venue, or from a generator.
  • Waste will have to be disposed of appropriately.
  • There needs to be adequate parking available for most of your guests and suppliers.
  • Running water should be available, and if not, that will have to be shipped in.

These, plus many other factors, need to be considered when planning a marquee wedding. And it may feel like there’s a lot to consider, but once you’ve started ticking things off, it will get easier.

If you choose to work with a respected venue, who regularly provide marquees to their couples, these practical steps should also become easier. Lakeside Weddings at Maisemote Court are wonderful at wedding planning, and they’ll ensure the whole process is effortless, while providing a chic marquee and surroundings that’ll blow your guests away.

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