A Guide to Finding the Best Florist for Your Cotswolds Wedding

Big or small, flowers play a significant part in the decor of a celebration, and when done well, can simply transform a venue. Here’s how to find the right florist for your wedding day.

There are not many moments during a typical wedding day that don’t involve, or could benefit from, flowers. Bouquets and floral arches, to centrepieces and flowers down the aisle. Blooms and greenery are synonymous with weddings, and they have the power to dictate how your big day will look and feel. In the Cotswolds, we’re blessed with a wealth of talented wedding florists who understand just how inspirational their work is. Professionals who take enormous pride in being able to create those key floral moments on a big day.

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If you’re in the midst of planning your Cotswolds wedding, and need to pick a florist for the occasion, but have no idea where to start, we’d like to lend a hand. At Cotswolds Wedding, we have an extensive network of the very best wedding florists in the area. But we also know that even with this invaluable list of suppliers, it can still be hard to select who’s right for you. Let alone know which types of flowers you want in the first place! Which is why we thought we’d put together this guide.

A Guide to Finding the Best Florist for Your Cotswolds Wedding

In this post, we’re going to run through some easy steps that’ll help you choose which Cotswolds florist to hire for your wedding.

What’s Your Wedding Style?

Ideally, you should hire a florist for your wedding roughly 9–10 months before the big day. By that point, you should have worked out what the overall style of your celebration will be. Is it a rustic affair on a farm in the countryside? Or a more elegant soirée in a hotel? Maybe something in-between?! Whichever theme you choose will dictate the types of flowers, floral decor and florist you should hire.

As with any other artist, wedding florists in the Cotswolds each have their own signature style. The Floral Couturier, for example, is renowned for their naturally refined yet extravagant luxury floral displays. Their work suits a couple wanting to create a very extravagant reception design, or have a grand installation in place at their ceremony. Whereas Page Green Flowers are experts in more intimate, seasonal floral creations. Beautiful bouquets and displays that celebrate the flower itself, and work well for smaller celebrations.

the floral couturier wedding flowers cotswolds
Image from The Floral Couturier

The difference in style between these two talented florists is clear, but sometimes, when browsing suppliers it won’t always be so obvious. Pick out photos and collages of the floral style you want on the big day and have that with while searching for florists. That way, you’ll find it easier to pinpoint who can create the look you’ve been dreaming of.

Set a Budget

Every supplier you choose to be a part of your wedding team needs to be carefully budgeted for. Whether it’s catering, entertainment or in this case, a florist. If each item isn’t financially planned for, you may end up with a nasty surprise at the end of the process.

When it comes to setting a budget for wedding flowers, a good rule of thumb is to keep 10% of your total budget aside for your Cotswolds florist. That should cover everything you’ll need, flower-wise, for the big day. However, if you really want flowers to be the main focus of your celebration, and you’re looking to create something extra, you’ll need to assign a little more to the ‘flower pot’.

Please keep in mind that the more your florist has to do, the more they will charge. If you require them to be there on the day, putting together an extravagant floral arch, or require someone to break things down for you the next day—all of these things will cost more. Have that in mind when meeting florists, and factor that in to what your budget really should be.

Interview Your Shortlist of Selected Florists

Once you’ve found a good selection of florists in the Cotswolds, start setting up appointments with them early in the wedding planning process. The best florists get booked up early, and they need to time to plan and put together bespoke arrangements. Therefore, it’s wise to select the right supplier as soon as you can.

As your florist will play such a vital role in the overall look of your wedding, it’s an excellent idea to meet them in person. Obviously, this isn’t always possible, but do try to at least have a Zoom call.

flowers by fay wedding florist in cotswolds

Image from Flowers by Fay

Florists like Flowers by Fay take massive inspiration from their couples, and design their bouquets and centrepieces instinctively from the chats they have with their clients. Nothing is off the shelf when it comes to their wedding flowers. Therefore, they need to understand the personalities and vibe of the marrying couple when putting together their creations.

Know the Info Your Florist Will Need

Vibe aside, there is some important information every florist will need to know before they can start working on your wedding flowers. Things like, wedding date, guest count, venue, colour scheme and any related suppliers you’ve booked already.

Arm yourself with this information, along with all the floral, and colour/design inspiration you’ve gathered, and you’ll be making the process that bit easier for both you and your prospective Cotswolds wedding florist.

Find a Florist Who Gives You Confidence

This is almost a general rule for all wedding suppliers, but it’s worth highlighting here that having confidence in your florist is hugely signifiant. In the lead up to, and on the day of your wedding, your head will be full of wedding plans. Overloaded with anxiety, desperate for everything to go as it should (which it will by the way!). Therefore, the last thing you should be worrying about is that one supplier who’s just a bit flaky. Someone you loved the work of, but weren’t sure you could trust.

You require reliable, trustworthy people on your wedding team, especially when it’s someone as vital to the day as a florist. Look through as many reviews as you can, and meet as many potential florists as your schedule will allow. By doing this, you’ll find confidence giving florists like Posey Rose, a wonderfully passionate a talented supplier renowned for their ability to put minds at ease. “On the day of your wedding, I want you to focus on the day ahead, be in the moment with your friends and family, confident in the knowledge that your flowers will be delivered and set out beautifully“, shared Michelle from Posey Rose.

We hope this post has inspired your search for the perfect wedding florist in the Cotswolds! If you haven’t found the perfect supplier just yet, don’t worry, we have a wide selection of florists here at Cotswolds Wedding. You can find out about each one of these suppliers via their personal profiles, and website links on our site.

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