The Benefits of Hiring a Cotswolds Wedding Planner⁣

Save on stress & gift yourself time by bringing a Cotswolds event planner onto your wedding team

If you’re on the fence about hiring a planner for your Cotswolds wedding, we get it. Weddings are expensive, and deeply personal events. They are a celebration of the two of you, and the thought of someone just coming in and taking that personalisation away from you can feel a little uncomfortable. Plus, you’re paying them for the privilege!

This, however, in general, is a misconception. Yes, you do have to pay a wedding planner, but in reality, they should actually save you money on your Cotswolds celebration. Or at least keep you within budget. Furthermore, an experienced event planner can help you bring greater personalisation to your wedding day, either on your behalf, or in more of an advisory role. While also releasing you of any stressful, or time-consuming tasks involved with planning a wedding.

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Time is one of the major factors in why so many Cotswolds couples decide to hire a wedding planner. Juggling the pressures of two full-time jobs, life responsibilities, and then a wedding, can sometimes be too much. Especially if you do want a celebration that is not ‘off-the-shelf’. A big day with personality involves lots of planning, which means dedicating plenty of time. A luxury not all couples can afford.

Why You Should Consider Hiring a Cotswolds Wedding Planner

In this post, we’re going to share the reasons why you should consider hiring a wedding planner in the Cotswolds, and how they can create the celebration you’ve been dreaming of.

A Wedding Planner Can Actually Save You Money

As we mentioned in the intro, couples often assume that an event planner will be an extra cost on top of their Cotswolds wedding. But really, they aim to do the opposite. Wedding planners have years of experience, and a wealth of contacts built up over time. Which, when combined, helps them to obtain the best prices, and exclusive discounts from suppliers. Prices you would not be able to get on your own.

Even if a wedding planner hasn’t worked with a particular Cotswolds supplier before, said supplier is much more likely to give a discount, or a better price to them. In the hope that, if they do a good job, and offer a fair quote, the planner will hire them again in the future.

Wedding planners are also experts in working within a budget. They are used to being given X amount of money, and knowing that they cannot spend over it. Something that you, as a couple, are probably not so used to, on such a grand scale anyway. Meaning you’re more likely to overspend, knowing you can just put a bit more on your credit card, or beg your parents for extra cash. A wedding planner doesn’t have that option, so they will get your wedding completed on budget.

Negotiate the Right Deals on Your Behalf

When planning an event of any size for the first time, it’s easy to make mistakes. Deals can be struck in favour of the supplier, money can be handed over for no reason, and the wrong options can be picked. All totally normal. But, by hiring an experienced wedding planner in the Cotswolds, you’ll be avoiding these costly errors, and saving money in the long run.

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They’ll Read, and Understand the Small Print

None of us actually read the small print. Whether it’s on a contract for a new phone, or the mortgage of a house! But those little details included on a proposal, or contract from a wedding supplier can be critical. And if not read, or understood, can create problems if things don’t work out the way they should.

Securing contracts, and understanding the legalities of them, is fundamental to the work of a Cotswolds wedding planner. Finding errors, pointing out things which would otherwise go unnoticed, and negotiating better terms as a consequence, is part of their job. Which can be game-changing for couples planning a wedding for the first time.

An important thing to remember is that there are different levels of wedding planning, and you can get someone in who’ll just look after this contractual side of things for you. Meaning you can be as wildly creative as you like when it comes to selecting suppliers, and making styling choices, safe in the knowledge that someone experienced has your back when it comes to organising contracts and sorting out legalities.

Take the Weight Off on the Big Day

When your wedding day finally rolls around, you deserve the chance to enjoy it. But when dealing with on-the-day logistics, last-minute decisions and sometimes, problems… It can be hard to truly relax, and embrace the moment.

With a wedding planner on board, a lot of weight is lifted from your shoulders. Which should, in turn, make it a lot easier to enjoy your big day. Safe in the knowledge that someone is fighting fires (not literally), taking command and coordinating various suppliers on your behalf. Their job is to make sure things run smoothly, and help you worry only about having a wonderful day with your guests.

It’s also worth saying again, you can choose to have a wedding planner, or coordinator who just works on-the-day. This type of professional will start working with you, and your suppliers, a few weeks before the wedding. By which time they’ll be up to speed, and more than ready to deliver your dream celebration!

Planned For Perfection, for example, are a team of award-winning wedding planners who have been organising events since 2007. They have a wealth of industry knowledge that has proven invaluable to couples in the Cotswolds, and beyond; helping them create the perfect wedding day, without stress.

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A Wedding Planner Can Release Your Creativity

For many of us, looking at a blank event space is much like looking at a blank piece of paper. Where do you start? It can be hard to know how to fill a reception room, or what you want to fill it with. Which is when a creative wedding planner in the Cotswolds such as AMW Events can really show their worth. With their help, they’ll bring out your inner creativity and create something unique to you.

An experienced event planner won’t, unless you want them to, take over your wedding, without any input from you. Their job is to realise your wedding dreams for you. Put together ideas that feel innately yours, even if you didn’t come up with the final concept in the first place.

We hope this post has inspired your Cotswolds wedding planning, and maybe even inspired you to hire an event planner!

We have a wonderful selection of hand-picked wedding planners here at Cotswolds Wedding, all with their own unique styles and specialities. You can find out about each one of these professionals via our wedding planners page. Where you’ll also find their contact information, if you’d like to get in touch.

Don’t stop once you’ve found the perfect wedding planner, take a look at our other incredible suppliers in the Cotswolds, and start putting together your dream big day today!

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