2023 Wedding Trends: Our Top Predictions

The wedding trends of 2023 are all about personalisation, intimacy, and sustainability.

Couples tying the knot next year are determined to do things their way. They don’t want off the shelf celebrations, or traditional package deals. They want to plan a wedding that feels real, and authentic. More than a few words exchanged and a big party after. Personalisation, that is the buzzword for wedding trends in 2023, and we are so excited to see what couples come up with.

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At Cotswolds Wedding, we have always encouraged our couples to think outside the box when it comes to wedding suppliers, themes and features. So it’s been incredibly fulfilling to see so many people creating weddings that feel truly unique. As much as we’d like to, we can’t take credit for this major feature of 2023 wedding trends. That, we’re afraid, has to go to the pandemic, and the long-lasting way it has affected us all.

During our forced isolation, couples planning their wedding suddenly had the rug pulled from under them. And any best laid plans quickly disappeared out the window. Meaning most either had to rethink, and put together a celebration that wasn’t quite what they had wanted. Or they delayed everything. And it’s these couples that put back their wedding plans who are now creating and inspiring 2023 wedding trends.

Couples choosing to delay their wedding by a year, or two, had the time to consider what kind of day they actually wanted. And many found it wasn’t the grand, and bland event filled with hundreds of people that they had originally planned. What they wanted, in fact, was now something much smaller, more unique and in a location they didn’t expect!

2023 Wedding Trends: Our Top Predictions

In this post, we’ll share the top wedding trends of 2023. Breaking down how we predict couples will be tying the knot next year!

More Intimate Celebrations

Everyone in the industry has been obsessed with the micro-wedding for the last few years, and in 2023 we’re predicting it will hit the mainstream. These tiny celebrations are very similar to ‘normal’ weddings, only a lot smaller. Typically, with 50 guests or fewer.

Linking back to the intro, this trend was born during the pandemic, and it has stayed popular because couples learnt during Covid who they really cared about. ‘Did we Zoom them during lockdown? No, well, they obviously aren’t our close friends.‘ This kind of thinking may seem cold, but we all did it to a certain extent, and this behaviour has affected the average guest list.

By choosing to have an intimate celebration, like a micro-wedding, you’re allowing yourself to be exclusive with the list, and have a day surrounded by people you actually love. No weird cousins, or random plus 1s. Just the people you really care about.

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Getting Hitched Outside

During the pandemic, a temporary law was put in place allowing couples to legally marry outside. Something which was, previously (amazingly), not possible. You could only have non-legal celebrant led ceremonies. However, these outdoor wedding ceremonies proved so popular, the government decided to make the law a permanent one. Hooray!

Our wedding venues in the Cotswolds were delighted with this law change, as it meant they could use their beautiful gardens and grounds to their fullest extent. This shift will be huge for 2023 wedding trends, with couples loving the greater degree of flexibility it offers them.

laser clay pigeon shooting wedding entertainment

Incredible Wedding Entertainment

Wedding receptions next year are going to pack a punch when it comes to entertainment. With the guest experience high on the agenda for marrying couples, who will be looking to thrill their loved ones with some not-so-average wedding entertainment, throughout the day.

Think post-ceremony clay pigeon shooting, a VW camper van photo booth and maybe some professional and spectacular fireworks to top the evening off? And that’s without even mentioning music!

We predict the wedding trends of 2023 will feature alternative entertainment heavily, and we can’t wait to see what our Cotswolds couples come up with!

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As a society, we are all being forced to consider our environment more; to look at ways we can help reduce the impact we have on our planet. Weddings are no different. Expect sustainability to play a major part in 2023 wedding trends, with an emphasis on making small changes that go a long way. This could be in the form of vegetarian or vegan wedding menus, a lifestyle change many of us took up during the pandemic. Or maybe a more serious take on ‘something old, something borrowed’, and making the choice to not buy a new wedding dress; for example, in favour of renting bridal instead.

These small changes, as we say, are all deeply positive. However, there are larger things that can be done to make a wedding more sustainable. Its location being the obvious one. Destination weddings halfway across the world sound very glamorous and appealing. But the environmental impact of such an event is not inconsequential. A fact that many couples are using as their reason for more localised celebrations in 2023.

The First Look

If you speak to any wedding photographer about 2023 wedding trends, the first thing they’ll bring up is ‘the first look’. This US tradition has influenced the photography of countless couples so far this year, and it’s seeing no signs of abating.

The first look, if you’re unaware, is a special moment planned with your wedding photographer, whereby you shun the superstition of not seeing each other before the ceremony, and plan a moment to see each other. Typically, this little scene involves the groom, waiting patiently somewhere for his bride, who then walks up behind him and asks him to turn around. His look of surprise, happiness, and maybe a few tears is what the photographer is aiming to capture. And in our experience, they rarely fail!

These first look shots obviously don’t need to involve a traditional bride and groom, and actually some of our favourite moments have been when two brides reveal themselves to each other! A first look with dad, brothers, and friends is also really popular.

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